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Gabions: Manufacture, Design, Supply & Installation

Manufactured and supplied in South Africa with related products and service offerings, based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, we are Proudly South African. We specialize in the manufacture, distribution, design and the installation of our products used in the Civil Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Landscaping and Mining Industries.

Gabion Guru is a dynamic company, and new applications are continually researched, developed and applied such as low level river crossings, weirs, river training structures and architectural applications.

Our gabions are stone cages which are engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Delivered flat-packed, our gabion baskets and gabion mattresses are assembled and then filled with gabion stone at the project site. Our gabion wire baskets are made from high quality steel wire, which is heavily galvanized to provide long term corrosion protection.

We stock a large selection of gabions and baskets. Our range of gabion baskets include pvc coated gabions, galvanized gabions and Galfan gabions. We also do gabion structure design, construction and certification

Common uses for gabions:

  • Caged rock wall

  • Curved gabion wall

  • DIY gabion wall construction

  • Gabion edging
  • Gabion garden wall

  • Gabion green wall

  • Gabion retaining wall

  • Gabion rock fence

  • River rock gabion wall

  • Sound Barriers

  • Gabion Weirs

  • Low-level or Irish river crossings

  • Mine primary crusher walls

Why you need Gabions and River or Reno Mattresses…

Gabion Baskets

Manufactured using Hexagonal Woven or Square Weldmesh type

  • Hexagonal Wovenmesh
    Class A Galvanized or with an additional 0,5mm thickness Grey PVC coating, mesh aperture of 80 x 100mm, and mesh wire diameter of 2.7mm, salvage wire dia. of 3.4mm.

  • Square Weldmesh
    Class A Galvanised, with mesh aperture of 50 x 50mm (others on request), mesh wire diameter of 3.00mm in all cases

  • Standard Sizes
    Length(m) x Width(m) x Height(m) = Volume (m³)

1x1x0.5(0.5m³) 1x1x1 (1m³)
2x1x0.5 (1m³) 2x1x1 (2m³)
3x1x0.5 (1.5m³) 3x1x1 (3m³)
4x1x0.5 (2m³) 4x1x1 (4m³)
1.5x1x1 (1.5m³) 2×0.5×0.5 (0.5m³)
4×0.5×0.5 (0.5m³) 6×0.5×0.5 (0.5m³)

River Mattresses

Manufactured only using Hexagonal Wovenmesh type for flexibility

  • Hexagonal Wovenmesh
    Class A Galvanized or with an additional 0.50mm thickness PVC coating, mesh aperture 60 x 80mm, mesh wire diameter of 2.20mm and salvage wire diameter of 3.4mm. We do not feel the rigid weldmesh is suitable for this purpose where a more flexible product is required.

  • Alternative
    Another option available in the 80 x 100mm mesh aperture, with 2.7mm diameter wire and 3.4mm salvage wire, for more aggressive / corrosive environments.

  • Standard Sizes
    Length(m) x Width(m) x Height(m) = Volume (m³)
    or Length x Width = Plan Area (m2)

2x1x0.3 (0.6m³) 6x2x0.17 (2.04m³)
3x1x0.3 (0.9m³) 6x2x0.23 (2.76m³)
4x1x0.3 (1.2m³) 6x2x0.30 (3.60m³)
River or Reno Mattresses

Apart from supplying quality products conforming to SABS specifications, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Site visits

  • Professional advice

  • Site surveys

  • Planning

  • Designing

  • Certification

Our efforts are firmly focused on understanding, serving and satisfying the customer, and should you have any further questions or wish to receive additional explanation regarding specific matters such as the following, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Gabion Structures
  • Storm Water Drainage

  • Sub-surface drainage

  • Geotextiles

  • Soil Savers

  • Dam sealing

  • Erosion Control

  • Eco-friendly design solutions

  • Consulting and Design

Reno Mattresses

Reno Mattresses

Why you need Gabions and River or Reno Mattresses…

  • Gabions are wire mesh boxes, containers or baskets filled with rock to prevent soil erosion and to retain/contain soil particles.
  • Gabions and geotextiles are normally used together to reduce water velocities and to re-capture river bed sediment in streams.
  • Flat Gabions, called River or Reno Mattresses, are widely used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a large flat or sloped area in need of protection against soil loss or scour.
  • They are used mostly in the civil engineering industry, especially in the construction of roadway drainage structures.
  • Due to the many environmental benefits associated with gabions, they are being used in many various applications and industries.
  • We manufacture Gabions using a Class A Galvanising – or together with an additional 0.5mm thickness PVC coating – for hexagonal type woven wire mesh gabion materials.
Reno Mattresses
  • The woven mesh has a high tensile strength, as well as a high compressive strength when filled with suitable un-weathered rock.
  • Our materials are quality assured, meet with the SANS 1580 specification and are used in a very wide range of applications.
  • We also offer Class A Galvanised Square Weldmesh gabions, and have a separate page for this type of gabion.
  • We now offer Gabions and River Mattresses using a new Galfan wire coating, which is a new improved form of Galvanisation, including 95% Zinc coating alloy with 5% Aluminium, it has vastly improved corrosion protection properties; providing 2-3 times more corrosion protection than normal Galvanising !

  • Internationally, gabion materials have been commonly used since the early 1880’s all over the world and have become one of the most popular soil erosion control and retaining wall solutions. Some have tried to use more rigid, welded-mesh elements and sometimes even plastic materials for gabion materials. However time and again the high strength and flexibility of the honeycomb shaped (hexagonal) steel wire mesh has proven to provide the ultimate solution.
  • Gabions are supplied in a wide range of sizes, commonly measured firstly in length x width x height of basket (all measurements in metres). Standard sized baskets are available, listed on our website, other sizes can sometimes be made available depending on the quantity required (it should be noted that the latter requires a longer period of time to be manufactured than standard sized units).
Architectural & Landscaping Gabions

Architectural & Landscaping Gabions

Gabions are linked to a very old building technique which, surprisingly, is still being used today. Gabions managed to maintain their usefulness throughout the years because of a few distinct characteristics that define them.

Gabions, constructed as architectural or landscaping features, is a robust, long lasting and environmentally friendly construction system, and it is used by architects and landscaping professionals for new or renovation projects such as:

  • Gabion fence posts

  • Gabion garden walls
  • Gabion planter boxes
  • Gabion planter wall
  • Modern gabion planters

  • Decorative gabion baskets

  • Decorative retaining walls
  • Decorative rock structures

  • Flexible garden edging.

Used in internal and external architecture as well as civil engineering applications, gabions are dry-packed stone walls, contained neatly within wire mesh baskets. It creates a slightly looser and lighter feel that has a softer and more natural effect and in landscaping it allows water to pass through freely.

Our gabion units can be customized in a variety of ways, giving you an incredibly versatile building block to give your project a unique aesthetic appeal. The substantial weight of the wire baskets when filled makes it a formidable barrier. As opposed to a brick and mortar wall, once a gabion wall is in place there is little to no maintenance required.

Some of the many benefits of gabions:

  • Gabions can create retaining walls that are even more effective than concrete as they allow for drainage and settling without adversely affecting the strength or lifespan of the wall.

  • Gabions look natural and can tie a house to the landscape by using filler materials excavated from the site or the local terrain.

  • Used as shade screens in hot climates, gabion walls provide passive cooling; they allow air to move through, providing ventilation.

  • Because they are highly weather-resistant, gabions will last for years.

  • Vegetation can establish within a gabion wall, if allowed to grow. This can further contribute to reducing carbon the footprint.

  • Flexible gabions can settle in place without losing function and efficiency. This flexibility makes gabions especially useful for installations on unstable ground and in moving water.

  • If the gaps between the rocks are naturally filled with soil, it encourages plant growth, which makes the gabion structure ideal for projects where beauty is a must, such as controlling soil erosion along waterways that run through residential areas and needs to be long lasting and visually pleasing.

  • Gabions can be reinvented for many garden uses such as benches, outdoor fire surrounds, fence foundations, pond surrounds, planters, even pillars for water taps. The possibilities are boundless.

  • Gabions are not only attractive when installed as part of a garden design, they are also practical and great for protecting your property against wind and noise, or to add extra privacy.

  • Gabions are eco-friendly and it is filled with natural stone and are therefore environmentally friendly. Property owners will also find that gabions are an ideal shelter for small animals and insects.

Gabions Rock

Gabion Rock

Gabion wire baskets filled with quality gabion rock infill are used in gabion wall construction and rock filled wire cages.

We can offer suitable gabion rock supply and expert advice regarding the best rock specifications for your rock basket project. The gabion rock we recommend must be un–weathered and solid without flaking or weathering evident.

Soft rocks and brick fragments are not suitable due to its capacity to absorb water and soften over time. Usually the rock density should be a minimum of 2.6 tons/m3, with an average void ratio of 35% (also allowing 30 % for waste/fines) we generally recommend about 1.8 tons of rock per m3.

Gabion rock and geotextile membrane are required for any gabion wall construction and you can kindly contact us for any further information, advice, or gabion structure design.

Why waste your time, let us take the hassle away of finding a reliable rock source and supplier?

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