Wastewater Treatment

Sewage Treatment Package Plant

We design and build sewage management systems for industrial wastewater treatment, small sewage treatment plants, onsite wastewater treatment systems, package wastewater treatment plants, commercial sewage treatment plant, abattoir wastewater treatment.

With our professional sewage treatment services and sewage management system our wastewater treatment plant process reduce the wastewater treatment costs, including residential sewage treatment plant cost.

The sewage treatment plant system produces environmentally safe water waste from the incoming sewage, that could be used in gardens or agricultural purposes as grey water. Solid waste is broken down into such a state that they are safe to be used in compost heaps and as fertilizer for farms and gardens.

The water and effluent treatment process consists of the following:

  • Physical breakdown through aeration in open tanks
  • An aerobic odour free system

  • Biological processing of contaminants into a safe form

Wastewater Treatment

Improved Anaerobic Sewage Plant

Low maintenance Improved anaerobic sewage plants are improved conventional tank systems with a series of baffles under which domestic wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment is done.

Wastewater is forced to flow under and over the baffles from the inlet to the outlet. The increased contact time with the active biomass (sludge) results in improved treatment.

Improved Anaerobic Sewage Plants are robust and treat grey water and black water effectively. Typical inflows range from 2 to 200 m3 per day. Critical design parameters include a hydraulic retention time, up flow velocity and the number of baffled chambers.

Improved Anaerobic Sewage Plants are generally cheaper than more mechanical, centralized technology options, and can be constructed with locally available material and labour. Expert design is required but no specialized equipment or installations are required.

Advantages of the Improved Anaerobic Sewage Plants include the following:

  • Resistant to organic and hydraulic shock loads
  • No electrical energy is required
  • Low operating costs
  • Long service life

  • Low sludge production
  • Simple to operate
  • Local labour and material can be used

The complete installation comprises of:

  • Inlet structure with screen and sand trap

  • Up-flow filter
  • Improved Anaerobic Sewage tank with 3 to 5 baffles

  • Lined down-flow filter, planted with highly tolerant plants for effluent disposal, and innovative phyto-remedial eco-technology, which has the potential to meet all the right criteria necessary for water quality and environment management.

  • Horizontal flow baffled wetland

  • Chlorine contact tank

The system is a natural, green, simple, practicable and cost-effective solution.

The following local government objectives can be achieved:

  • Community engagement
  • Community participation
  • Local content requirements
  • Rural community development
  • Environmental responsibilities

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