Lightweight Slab System (LSS)
Lightweight Slab System (LSS)

Lightweight Slab System (LSS)

Our lightweight engineered concrete slab is a combination of a moulded EPS block and cold rolled steel channel to form a coffer slab system (rib and block slab) for multi-story buildings. The system comprises a high strength galvanized steel rib which supports the high-density EPS void formers.

EPS is used extensively as a thermal insulating material and performs this function in the slab moderating building temperatures and reducing energy costs associated with heating and cooling.

The thermal insulation of the lightweight concrete slab is 7 times better than an equivalent thickness in situ concrete slab.

  • Double-storey residential
  • Multi-storey commercial buildings

  • Hotels

  • Flats
  • Duplexes and apartment buildings

  • Shopping centres

  • Suspended ground floor slabs

  • Renovations

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