Manufactured using Hexagonal Woven or Square Weldmesh type

Standard Sizes
Length(m) x Width(m) x Height(m) = Volume (m³)

1x1x0.5(0.5m³) 1x1x1 (1m³)
2x1x0.5 (1m³) 2x1x1 (2m³)
3x1x0.5 (1.5m³) 3x1x1 (3m³)
4x1x0.5 (2m³) 4x1x1 (4m³)
1.5x1x1 (1.5m³) 2×0.5×0.5 (0.5m³)
4×0.5×0.5 (0.5m³) 6×0.5×0.5 (0.5m³)

Hexagonal Wovenmesh
Class A Galvanized or with an additional 0,5mm thickness Grey PVC coating, mesh aperture of 80 x 100mm, and mesh wire diameter of 2.7mm, salvage wire dia. of 3.4mm.

Square Weldmesh
Class A Galvanised, with mesh aperture of 50 x 50mm (others on request), mesh wire diameter of 3.00mm in all cases.

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