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Bentonite Clay for Sealing

Suggested application Rates are:

Clay soils: 8-10 Kg/m2
Sandy Silt: >10-12 Kg/m2
Silty Sand: 12-15 Kg/m2
Clean Sand: 15-20 Kg/m2
Rock or Gravel: 20/25 Kg/m2 (Not Recommended)

Bentonite is easily applied, however, attention to detail in the application method is essential to avoid disappointment.

Bentonite clay for sealing dams

Bentonite clay for sealing dams

ENVIROBENT BENTONITE POWDER FOR DAM SEALING consists of high quality, 100% natural environment-friendly products used in the industrial, commercial, construction and retail markets in Southern and sub-Saharan Africa.

Industrial users comprise factories and foundries, civil engineering and construction firms, and petroleum companies, while retail users include farmers, automotive workshops, and trucking and logistics companies.

Specialized applications include oil spill clean-ups on floors, earth dam sealing, X-ray room protection applications and use in agricultural products such as soil nutrients.

The bentonite powder is natural clay that has been modified to provide specific swelling capabilities.

Bentonite is suitable for:

  • Repair of leaking earth dams
  • The initial construction of dam floors and walls.

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